Security Policies

Banyax’s core value is integrity, putting the customer at the center of all we do and fostering a strong team that is committed to our client’s success. Our Code of Conduct adheres to the laws and regulations where we operate and applies to all employees, we take our values very seriously.  Banyax’s Code of Conduct principles we follow are: 

  • Prohibit conflicts of interest. 
  • Zero tolerance and acceptance of ANY form of bribery, discrimination, or harassment. 
  • Fair and honest negotiations with all our clients, suppliers, competitors, and employees. 
  • Neutrality in politics and religion, as well as banning corporate donations to any political bodies or parties. 
  • Whistleblower protection, absolute confidentiality for those who report a violation or suspected violation, including no retaliation for anyone who reports in good faith an ethics violation or suspected violation of law.  

Any whistleblower notifications can be made by emailing, which is monitored by Banyax’s Internal Audit Committee.  This body is in charge of notifying the Board of Directors of any breach of Banyax policies including monitoring, investigating, and issuing a resolution for all complaints.