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of breaches come from users.

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that cybercrime is the third-largest economy, generating a staggering 9 trillion dollars annually?

In Banyax, we value transparency and being solutive, that’s why we aim to do business in a simple, transparent and rapid way.

We all have different necessities, and in Banyax, we do understand, that’s why we bring all the different levels of capabilities in the service, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

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Our Managed Awareness Training (MAT)

service empowers your end users by simulating phishing attacks to assess risks. We provide customized training to mitigate identified risks and continually measure results, informing additional actions to protect your user community.
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Our Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR)

service uses advanced AI and ML to cut through alert noise, swiftly identifying and mitigating threats 24/7. Enhance your SOC efficiency without the cost of building your own.
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Managed Awareness Training

Our Managed Awareness Training (MAT) service focuses on empowering your end users.  We establish a baseline of propensity with simulated phishing, using the latest sophisticated social engineering tactics, to assess the risks.  We then deploy custom training solutions to end users to mitigate those identified risks.  Finally we continue to measure the results, assess the risk points and inform additional actions to protect your user community.   

Managed Extended Detection & Response

Our Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) reduces alert noise by using the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning in delivering a highly sophisticated, real-time, Ingestion, Threat Detection, Investigation and Response service. Our best-in-class approach helps to identify attacks early in the kill chain, ensuring swift mitigation. Our service can make your existing Security Operations Center (SOC) team time more efficient, by surfacing and helping them focus real threats, 7x24x365. Banyax’s Managed XDR service is often a less expensive solution for those thinking of establishing their own SOC.

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Anonymous CIO

Choosing Banyax's MXDR was a strategic move for us. The early identification of attacks in the kill chain has given us a crucial advantage. The service seamlessly integrates into our existing operations, making it a valuable asset for any organization aiming to stay ahead in the cybersecurity landscape

Anonymous CIO

Implementing Banyax's MAT service proved instrumental in mitigating identified risks. The custom training solutions tailored to our organization's needs not only addressed vulnerabilities but also fortified our overall security posture.

Anonymous CIO

Banyax's MAT service effectively established a baseline of propensity through simulated phishing. The use of sophisticated social engineering tactics provided valuable insights, allowing us to better understand and address potential vulnerabilities.


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