What We Do

Banyax provides 24x7x365 managed cyber security awareness and protection services to our clients, helping to proactively protect them from falling victim to cyber-attacks. Unlike other approaches, we focus on protecting your users, where most cyber threats originate.  We use the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to proactively educate as well as identify and mitigate abnormal behaviors before they become a real threat.  Delivered as a simple and cost-effective monthly service. Ultimately helping you to reduce costs, reduce alert noise, accelerate threat hunting and improve threat detection rates while decreasing the time to mitigate.   In short, Banyax helps you hunt your hunters.

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Fortune 50-level cyber protection services for the rest of us.

Our Services

Banyax’s services focus on end users, where more than 90% of breaches originateOur services start with creating awareness amongst users to identify sophisticated, social engineered, phishing attemptsWe then use the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to hunt for your hunters with automation-driven Awareness Training, Threat Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) and ongoing refinement. We share threat vector information to inform our approach, ensuring all our clients are receiving and benefiting from shared threat intelligence across our clients. 

  • CISO as a Service – Proactive and ongoing consulting, including recommendations and suggestions for continuous improvement to increase your overall security posture.  
  • Red Team – Ethical hackers that test your defenses and monitor strategies for our clients, identifying areas of improvement. 
  •  Insights Portal – Case review, interactive monitoring dashboard, SLA tracking, User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).  In short, you see what our agents and analysts see. 
  • Concierge Onboarding Service for quick time to value– Our dedicated Client Services Team maximizes your onboarding experience, ensuring quick setup and ongoing support of your service. 

Hunting your Hunters

Managed Awareness Training

Our Managed Awareness Training (MAT) service focuses on empowering your end users.  We establish a baseline of propensity with simulated phishing, using the latest sophisticated social engineering tactics, to assess the risks.  We then deploy custom training solutions to end users to mitigate those identified risks.  Finally we continue to measure the results, assess the risk points and inform additional actions to protect your user community.   

Managed Extended Detection & Response

Our Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) reduces alert noise by using the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning in delivering a highly sophisticated, real-time, Ingestion, Threat Detection, Investigation and Response service.  Our best-in-class approach helps to identify attacks early in the kill chain, ensuring swift mitigation.  Our service can make your existing Security Operations Center (SOC) team time more efficient, by surfacing and helping them focus real threats, 24x7x365. Banyax’s Managed XDR service is often a less expensive solution for those thinking of establishing their own SOC.